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Hello 👋

My name is Petr, and I've been a designer of digital products for more than 13 years.


Petr Novak

My current position is Design System & UI Manager at Emplifi, where I lead and make happy a small team. Our responsibility is to build Soul Design System and take care of the whole UI in the Emplifi Platform.


Soul Design System

Soul Design System is my passion and also the main project I take care of in Emplifi. We started to build the design system approx six years ago in Sketch. Since then, we have come a long way and achieved several milestones.


Emplifi CX Cloud UI

As a part of the Soul Design System initiative my team and I are responsible to constantly evolve the whole UI of Emplifi platform.

I'm also helping design mobile applications, eCommerce, and websites. Just to stay out of the box :). And my new passion is mentoring. I ran Figma course for begginers and another is comming.


Mobile app design

Designing mobile applications has always captivated me as a designer primarily focused on desktop applications. The opportunity to step beyond my daily routine and assist clients with mobile app design is a delightful and enriching experience.


Figma course

In cooperation with SKVOT Czech, I created the course for all beginners who want to learn the Figma app from fundamentals to advanced usage and setting components and design libraries, and prototyping.

Beyond my fondness for design, I have a passion for sports, enjoy immersing myself in reading, love experimenting with cooking, and cherish traveling to new places... all of these activities are even more delightful when shared with my beloved family and close friends.



Am I a writer? Not yet, but I enjoy it and push myself to find more time for more articles.



My career path includes a few companies, but a lot of amazing colleagues and experience.



Do you want to know me better? This is the way!

That's it, and that's all. Thank you ❤️ and hope to see you in person one day.